It’s been an emotional day. First of all, there has been such a good progress in building Ramanis house. Yesterday a house with roof, walls and floors were completed. There is now a safe house with two bedrooms, a living room and an outdoor kitchen.

Initially we were also hoping to build a bathroom and toilet, but this have to wait until we have received enough donations to complete it. Until then, Ramani and her son will continue to use the facilities at their neighbor’s house, which they have been doing so far. In addition to the bathroom, the house walls need paining outside and inside. Despite the house is still not 100% completed, we decided it is still better for Ramani and her son to move into the house today. The health risk is in fact too high for them to be living in the shack they are now. So then, all of the sudden, today was "moving in day"! Ramani had prepared an opening ceremony, as tradition is here in Sri Lanka, and was serving lovely milky rice, cakes, tea and rice and curry to the invited guests. And among the guest, four happy and proud people from the NewUse Organization.

As we started to move some of their personal belongings from the old shack they have been living, the rats, cockroaches, ants, the dirt and the mold, really assured us that we have been doing the right thing. We wish I could end today’s story with this happy ending. Unfortunately, we discovered that Romani’s 4 year old son had a badly infected wound on three of his toes, and we had to take him into a doctor’s care. The way they have been living for years now, has clearly been bad for the young boys health! In the evening, he has received treatment, and got some much-needed antibiotics. We are hoping he will have a fast recovery and that he soon will be healthy and enjoying his new house.

The conclusion of today’s update: Ramani and her son are now living in their new house, and they are extremely grateful for this. At the same time, we realize that our work to help this lovely family has just begun. If you have the chance, please support our work!, or  Vipps to 91 64 34 56.