We are so grateful for all the clothes, shoes and other things we receive to our Newuse shop. Here is a few images from the last weeks donations.

Dansk studie Center Hikkaduwa.jpg

This group of students from Dansk Studie Center - Tropisk Højskole were in Hikkaduwa for a while, and some of them visited our shop several times. Before leaving, they told us to come by to their hotel, because they wanted to donate a few things to NewUse. We were really surprised and happy to see all of the clothes and shoes they wanted to give us (in front int the picture), and they even donated some money on top of that! WOW :) What a wonderful group of young Danish people. Thank you so much!

Donasjon Rosfjord Newuse.jpg

Annette og Trond Rosfjord, Liv Grethe Skutle og Gunn Anita Ødegård Løvdal. It was so nice to meet you again here in Hikkaduwa! Thank you for supporting New Use by bringing a bag full og donations, and buying many of our products in the shop!

Sri Lanka donations

Many tourists from Norway visit Sri Lanka this time of the year to escape the cold winter of northern Europe. Elisabeth Bjørnsen Magnus og Jonas Skjellerud Endresen spend a week on a round tour all over the country, before ending it wit some lazy days here in Hikkaduwa. They also brought us a big bag full of clothes and shoes to sell in the NewUse shop. Thank you!