A big thanks to all of you that has been sharing and liking our NewUse Facebook page and given us feedback on the website. We are happy to see that so many want to help. This encourages us and warm our hearts.

Some of the feedback we have got has been about how they can help. Under Support NewUse on the website you can read about how you can donate money and clothes to our reuse shop. Unfortunately, not everything is in place yet. Thing are very bureaucratically and take a long time here in Sri Lanka, but we still want to share our plans and progress with you.

In our office in Hikkaduwa we now have got a donation box, quite a few tourists coming to Hikkaduwa the next month have told us they will bring donations to our reuse shop and we will soon inform you about the first fundraising project.

A lot will happened in the next month’s so please follow our work.