Lately, Jørn has put a lot of work and effort into checking and comparing prices for work cost, cement, sand and so on. We got offers from several constructors, and closed the deal with Sameeya. A detailed building contract is signed, and the work can begin!

Sameeya and Jorn sign contract for a safe house for Ramani

At 6.00 this morning, the constructors started to work at Ramanis land. It is estimated that the house will be finished in one month. Time will show what one-month “Sri Lankan time” mean in reality. Anyway, we do not have much time left to get the whole house funded. Generous people have donated 32% of what we need, but there still is a bit to go to reach our goal to build a complete house that is safe to live in for Ramani and her son.

If you or anyone you know want to donate some money to a very good cause where you can be confident that every cent go directly to the building project, please donate now. You can pay via the site. For Norwegians, you can Vipps to Charlotte on mobile: 91643456 or do a bank transfer to her account 2490.11.18996. 

We share with you some photos from yesterday when we spent the day with Ramani and her son to clean the land. It is nice to get to know them better. They are working so hard and really want to contribute in the building process. “The shack” they are living in now is in really poor conditions. We saw rats digging around the walls.

We are so happy to be starting up and to be able to help this family to get a new start in life.