After last update, we went from 32% to 41% of reaching the goal for the money we need to get the house to Ramani and her son funded. Thanks to all of you that are making this happen. On Monday, the constructor started to work on the house and things are going very well.

Ramani organized a little “blessing of the house” in the morning. It is an important tradition where they cook “milk rice”, serve food and drinks and invite, friends, neighbors, the constructors and all other people that might walk by.

Ramani is so proud and happy to get a house to live in. For the first time after we got to know her, we saw a smile in her eyes.  

Enjoy the pictures.

If you want to make a contribution you can pay via the site. For Norwegians, you can Vipps to Charlotte on mobile: 91643456 or do a bank transfer to her account 2490.11.18996.