We are so happy that we were able to give Ramani and her son a new house, and a improved quality of life!

When we started building this house, the NewUse shop was still not making profit, so this house was 100% funded by donations. We signed up for a fundraiser at Generosity-LINK, a free version provided by Indiegogo.  It was an amazing experience to see friends, family and strangers from all over the world donating money to this cause. In just five months we raised LKR 986,000! This really proves that there are so many good-hearted people out there. The house, complete with 2 bedrooms and a outside washroom, ended up at a total cost of LKR 921,000. The difference will be transferred to our next helping project; "The Family by the river". (If you want to know more about this next project, check out our website for more information)

Anyway, this will not be the end of the updates from our first helping project. We will still stay in touch with Ramani, and will let you all know what is happening in the future. The good thing about a small charity organization like NewUse, is that we can follow up closely, and make sure that we are actually making a change to the better.

Please continue to support our work, and share our story with your friends! Thank you :)