It´s been a while since we introduced you to this family, living just outside of Hikkaduwa and in desperate need of a house to live in. The father told us that the hardest part about living like they do, is that that they don´t have electricity, and it is completely dark after the sun sets in the evening. "How can our daughter do her homework without light"?  Tiramadurage asked us.

Since we knew there would take time to find the money to build a house for this family, we decided that we wanted to help them with something temporary. Jørn went to Galle, and bought a simple Solar power light system, and installed it on their shack.

From left: Tiramadurage, Jørn and NewUse supporter Samira

From left: Tiramadurage, Jørn and NewUse supporter Samira

In addition, we also gave Tiramadurage a fishing net, that would help him increase his catch of fish. A small thing for us, but a great impact for the family!

The plan is still, of course, to give them a safe house to live in. And we got some amazing news regarding this: A local charity has given the family a small land where they can set up a house! This is so good news,  and this means that we are one step closer to the goal. All we need to do now, is to raise money for the construction and building of the house itself.

If you want to help us, you can donate HERE (PayPal link),  Norwegians can use VIPPS (#86985) or bank account: 1503.85.92952.