We are sorry that is has taken us long to give this family better living conditions. But we continue our work in the NewUse shop here in Hikkaduwa to raise money for building a new house. Please buy clothes and ECO friendly products in our shop, if you are in the area! The shop is open from 12:00 to 20:00 every day exept Tuesdays (14:30-20:00) and Sundays and Holidays (closed).

People are also generously donating money to this project.

At the moment we have a total of LKR 700.392 

We were hoping to raise LKR 1.000.000 before we start building, to make sure we have enough to complete the house, including the bathroom and electricity. If you want to help us you can donate to Newuse through PayPal or Vipps: #86985.

We are planning to start build their house in July this year, and will keep posting about the progress.