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Nikeshala in job training


We got several request from people wanting to join our job training program at the NewUse reuse shop. To be sure we picked some candidates that really need it, we contacted Foundation of Goodness. They do a lot of great work, among them improving the lives of poor rural communities by offering a diversity of training programs.

Nikeshala was one of the candidates they picked for us to have an interview with. She had joined their 6 months courses in dressmaking and patchwork, and is now attending their curtain making course and English classes at their "MCC Center of Excellence".

Nikeshala is a 23 year old girl and lives with her mother and sister in a house built by the government for people who lost their homes in the 2004 Tsunami. She has never had a paid job before, but she is a creative and hard working girl with good sewing skills. Her dream is to start up her own business selling dresses, shoes and other products she designs herself. 

 She is quite shy and needs to practice her English skills, so she is very thankful to be given the opportunity to get work experience from the NewUse shop, and we are extremely happy to have this nice and loyal girl working with us.

If you are in Sri Lanka, please come by to our shop in Hikkaduwa, to have a look at some of the great reuse designs she is creating.