• receives clothes and other things that people want to pass on
  • washes, repairs or redo to other marketable products
  • sells the donations in the NewUse reuse shop
  • employ people who need job training
  • welcomes donations from individuals and companies
  • provides all profits and donations directly to charity
  • provide long-term assistance that enables people to support themselves

In October 2016 we will open an exciting reuse shop in Hikkaduwa. The purpose of this is to create an income in order to get a sustainable organization. The reuse shop will have attached laundry, sewing room and workshop. Here we are able to provide employment to people who have difficulty supporting themselves.

In the consumer society in the western world many goods and things are stacked away or thrown that are needed here in Sri Lanka.The reuse shop will sell clothing, toys, electronics and other things donated to us. Items that are difficult to sell in the shop, will be given to poor people. In the shop you can also buy great recycled products made by someone in work practices at NewUse or related to other charitable organizations.

Profit from the reuse shop goes directly to our charity projects. It may be support for shelter, education, driver's license, purchase of vehicles, sewing machine or other initiatives to make the receivers able to support themselves. The organization work to have minimal administration costs and all work of the initiators is unpaid.