NewUse organization, non-profit, recives clothes and other thins as donations. We wash, repair and redo products. We sell donations in the NewUse shop in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. We aslo sell recycled products to car for the environment. Welcomes donations from individuals and companies. We give unemployed people work training. We provide long-term assistance that enables people to support themselves.


  • receives clothes and other things that people want to pass on

  • washes, repairs or redo to other marketable products

  • sells the donations in the NewUse reuse shop

  • employ people who need job training

  • welcomes donations from individuals and companies

  • provides all profits and donations directly to charity

  • provide long-term assistance that enables people to support themselves


Since September 2016 we have run a second hand/reuse shop in Hikkaduwa. In the consumer society in the western world many goods and things are stacked away or thrown that are needed here in Sri Lanka. The shop sell clothing, shoes, electronics and other things donated to us. It provieds an income in order to get a sustainable organization. We have a sewing machine to repair and create new recyled products of worn or destroyed items. In the shop we provide job training to people who have difficulty supporting themselves.

Profit from the reuse shop goes directly to our charity projects. It may be support for shelter, education, driver's license, purchase of vehicles, sewing machine or other initiatives to make the receivers able to support themselves. The organization work to have minimal administration costs and all work of the initiators is unpaid.

NewUse second hand shop in Hikkaduwa

Job training

We got several request from people wanting to join our job training program at the NewUse reuse shop. To be sure we picked some candidates that really need it, we contacted Foundation of Goodness. They do a lot of great work, among them improving the lives of poor rural communities by offering a diversity of training programs.

Nikeshala was one of the candidates they picked for us to have an interview with. She had joined their 6 months courses in dressmaking and patchwork, and is now attending their curtain making course and English classes at their "MCC Center of Excellence".

Nikeshala is a 23 year old girl and lives with her mother and sister in a house built by the government for people who lost their homes in the 2004 Tsunami. She has never had a paid job before, but she is a creative and hard working girl with good sewing skills. Her dream is to start up her own business selling dresses, shoes and other products she designs herself. 

She is quite shy and needs to practice her English skills, so she is very thankful to be given the opportunity to get work experience from the NewUse shop, and we are extremely happy to have this nice and loyal girl working with us.

If you are in Sri Lanka, please come by to our shop in Hikkaduwa, to have a look at some of the great reuse designs she is creating.

The family by the river

We are now working on getting a safe home for the family by the river. Tiramadurage and Magage got married 15 years ago. They never really got the chance to buy a permanent home, and have been living at different addresses. The husband is a fisherman. He has a small wooden catamaran, and a simple fishing stick that he is using to catch small fishes in the river just outside Hikkaduwa. The catch is usually enough for food for the family, and somedays also enough to sell and make a small profit. For the past seven years, they have been living in a small, temporary shack close to this river. This is a place we have passed by so many times, but never realized that the collection of wood and plastic was in fact not a storage, but a home for a family!

The couple has a daughter, lovely D, that is six years old. She is in first grade at a nearby village school.

It is sad to think of the unsecure and unhealthy conditions she is growing up in. This is not a home, but just a few wood pieces and some plastic that is not protecting from the rain, wind and animals. In addition, this area by the river is not a safe neighborhood. When we visit the family, they tell us that the one thing they really need is a lamp. It is getting dark around 6 pm here in Sri Lanka, and the daughter has nowhere to do her homework. The place that they are living in does not have electricity, toilet or running water. We are therefore planning to check the possibility to get a battery that can charge with solar power, and give power to a few lamps.

For this family we are planning to give help in two steps. First of all to provide them with a few thing for their immediate needs. The solar power battery could really make life a little easier. In addition we are thinking to get some better fishing equipment to help Tiramadurage to increase his daily catch to raise the families income and make their life a little better. The daughter also need some writing books and pencils for homework.

But of course, the second step has to be to look into their living situation. The biggest issue we face here, is that the land they are living on is not their own. Even if we raised the money for a house, there is no way that they can get building permission to build a house there. So this time we would need to look into the possibility of buying or renting a good and more permanent home for this family. We do realize this might take some time, and that we might need to ask other people for help!

Fundraising status:

01.04.2019- Received 2163 USD of 6800 USD

Sewing machine

Buy a used sewing machine for Nikashala to use in the NewUse reuse shop.

Nikeshala has been attending a job-training program at NewUse from September 2016.  As part of the job-training Nikeshala will practice English skills, all the aspects of running a shop and designing and producing recycled products. NewUse have invested in an “industrial sewing machine” to be able to sew threw chilli bags, rice bags and other thick materials, but Nikeshala needs a manual simpler Singer machine to work on the nice, small design details.

NewUse is in the startup and we still have more expenses than the sale in the second hand shop covers. We will use the surplus from the shop to buy this machine when we get enough income, but if you want to support Nikeshala and the work we do in NewUse we appreciate any donations.

The price of a used manual Singer machine is 16 000 Sri Lankan Rupee (108 USD – 98 EUR – 890 NOK).

Fundraising status:

21.11.2016 - Received 108 USD of 108 USD - The sewing machine is fully funded, bought in and in full use



A safe house for Ramani

Ramani is a 45 years old women living in Dodanduwa, Sri Lanka, with her 4 year old son. She also has two older children who are not able to live with her. Ramani is very poor and her house was unsafe as it had been put together with materials she had found. It was constantly leaking and had very poor construction. Rats and other animals easily found their way into her home.

Ramani has been let down by many people and she has a tough life story. It is very hard to be a single mother in Sri Lanka and there are no welfare programs to support her. Despite all of this, she has a  drive and dreams for the future. She has a job that gives her enough income to buy food, but there is nothing left over to improve her standard of living.

In September 2016 we started building a simple house for Ramani. This enabled her to make a fresh start and created a safe and secure home for her and her son. She is now able to have her other children on visit and have also enough space to store and prepare coconuts to sell. Ramani and her son is finally living under healthy conditions. She is so thankful that she has been given this opportunity to brighten the future for her and her family.

We undertook detailed research into Ramani’s background and plans for the future. We followed the building process closely to make sure all donations went directly to the help project. Please check our blog and Facebook page to se more about the process.

Fundraising status:

09.11.2016 - Received 6902 USD of 6900 USD - We have recived enough money to finish the project. The house is finished and Ramani and her son has moved in, but we are still working on setting up the separate bathroom