NewUse, a non-profit organization in Hikkaduw, Sri Lanka welcomes money donations and clotes etc. to sell in our reuse shop. Everyting we recives goes directly to relief work. We are a small volunteer organization. 


Money donations are well received and goes directly to relief work. We are a small organization that is run voluntarily and we closely follow up the people we help. When we receive money, the funds are used either to help people who are already included in our program or it allows helping more people. The goal is that the recipients eventually will be able to support themselves.


In our shop in Hikkaduwa, we have a donation box in which you can give money. At the moment we are doing a fundraising for a very poor family living in a shak by the river.


Donate for reuse

Are you or someone you know travelling to or from Sri Lanka?

To our NewUse second hand shop we need:

  • summer clothing and shoes for adults and children

  • beach towels

  • caps

  • books

  • electronic items (mobile phone, camera, computer, tablet)

The NewUse shop is an exciting and inviting shop where both tourists and locals can do a bargain. Things you can manage fine without at home, are much appreciated here.

Easy to deliver donations. You are welcome to visit our NewUse shop in Hikkaduwa to deliver your donation. If a direct delivery is difficult, get in touch by the contact form, email: or call us and we will pick it up.

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